Happiness Manifesto

I created this 'Happiness Manifesto' to consolidate several pearls of wisdom I have compiled over the first 27 years of my life. I intend these 42 items to be suggestions only; I know each person will interpret the meaning of items differently. Although I try to follow these steps myself, this is an aspirational list and I have lots of work to do myself.

What items do you like best? What would you add to this list? Please let me know using the comment section at the bottom of this page.

You can also download a PDF version of this list with black text on a white page for printing here. And for reference, the full text list is below:

1. Dream fearlessly.
2. Commit to inspiring goals.
3. Relentlessly pursue what you desire.
4. Demonstrate values through action.
5. Be grateful for your wealth.
6. Give generously.
7. Say please & thank you.
8. Simplify your life.
9. Eat healthy food.
10. Be active every day.
11. Have passionate sex.
12. Learn constantly.
13. Ask why? Then what & how.
14. Look for patterns, cycles & systems.
15. Create beauty through design.
16. Live consciously in the present.
17. Embrace change.
18. Forget what can’t be controlled.
19. See problems as opportunities.
20. Consider logical, objective criteria.
21. Trust your intuition.
22. Be open to possibilities.
23. Let go of expectations.
24. Don’t take things personally.
25. Invest time in relationships.
26. Speak impeccable truth.
27. Keep all promises.
28. Listen carefully.
29. Respect the wisdom of elders.
30. Share your talents with the world.
31. Lead with vision, purpose & love.
32. Earn respect through dedication.
33. Ask for help & trust your team.
34. Take responsibility for mistakes.
35. Let yourself cry.
36. Appreciate candlelight baths.
37. Discover serenity in meditation.
38. Breathe.
39. Love yourself unconditionally.
40. Dance, sing and play anywhere.
41. Seek balance, peace & harmony.
42. Decide to be happy.