Arbutus Corridor: Greenway or Railway?

Given the recent CBC news story about CP Rail considering running freight trains along the Arbutus Corridor through the center of Vancouver, I decided we needed a map or two. My personal interest is focused on the northern portion of the corridor, along 6th ave where I have a garden plot in Cypress Garden. This garden is one of six community gardens located on City of Vancouver owned land next to the CP Rail right-of-way, that would be significantly disrupted if industrial activities were to resume along the Arbutus Corridor.

Another thing to consider, there are approximately 22,000 residents living within 250 metres of the tracks. I think they may be concerned about new cargo trains moving through their front yard.

In my opinion, there is absolutely no feasible way there will ever be another train on the current tracks. I think CP rail is trying to force the City to buy their land for several hundred million dollars.

Please also visit my recent post about Cypress Community Garden that shows detailed view of 64 garden plots on the City of Vancouver right-of-way next to the CP railway land.