PL800 - Planning and Design Fundamentals

Below are my first three design projects from my Masters of Planning in Urban Development at Ryerson University. Each project required specific elements - some of which I did not agree were worth including. These are far from perfect, and I was always impressed by seeing my classmates work. Also big thanks to Kelly for being my partner on Site One. I am sharing these in the spirit of sharing and learning from one another. Please provide any comments you think of at the bottom, thanks!

Site One: Gould Street on Ryerson campus adjacent to the future Student Learning Centre

Site Two: HtO Park on the Toronto Waterfront, along Lakeshore Boulevard

Site Three: Bloor Street between Avenue Road and Yonge Street

This area recently underwent a $10 million dollar 'Transformation'. The two boards below were intended to be viewed sequentially.

Site Four: Cabbagetown Neighbourhood