Welcome to The Ribbon: The Lower Don Valley

This semester I had the privilege of working with a studio group in the Ryerson School of Urban and Regional Planning, to complete a visionary design project in partnership with the Evergreen Foundation. This project supported the Evergreen 'Ribbon' fundraising campaign, that will enhance access to the Evergreen Brickworks, via the Lower Don corridor that connects to Toronto's waterfront. This project had three primary objectives: analyze the history, ecology, neighbourhoods and uses within the study area; review and synthesize relevant planning policies and reports; and conceive a concise design vision and list of specific interventions. To support this project, I designed the following study area map to inform our analysis:

To illustrate the study area in a more interactive way, I created the following 'flyover' video to illustrate the journey from Corktown Common, up the Ribbon to the Brickworks:

I also designed the following series of maps to highlight the history, ecology, diverse uses, and neighbourhood context of the study area:

Please post any questions or comments you may have below, and be sure to visit the Ribbon Project website to learn more!