Cartography Portfolio

I have compiled a new Cartography Portfolio that contains nearly 500 maps and data visualizations I created over the past seven years. This is not every map I have made, rather a cross-section of representative types and content themes that I can publically share.

After the first nine overview images, the individual maps are sorted chronologically so you can see the progression of my career through the following phases:
  1. Early academic assignments for UBC Geography courses
  2. Population health research for the Human Early Learning Partnership
  3. Urban design and environmental assessment projects for HB Lanarc/Golder Associates
  4. Recent academic assignments for the Ryerson Master of Planning Program
  5. Several other projects I worked on for this blog and as consulting contracts are also interspersed throughout the album. 
I hope this overview of my work provides some insight into the diverse analysis and design topics I have enjoyed exploring. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments below or on twitter @HealthyCityMaps.

I also recently updated my main blog landing page so posts are shown as a preview with a small thumbnail - I hope this makes navigation into some of my older content a little easier since I now have 55 posts! Or you can look at the ten most popular posts listed on the banner to the right of this post. Finally, I also recently added a new Consulting tab to this site, so please explore that if you would like to learn more about the analysis and design services I can provide you or your organization.